The Dark Heart of Balor is a dark fantasy hack and slash side scroller, where you play the demon-possessed Hunter. Archdemon Balor has opened the Gate of Hell into the human realm and hordes of demons and monsters have flooded into man’s world-destroying everything in their path. You must protect those who are still alive and ultimately destroy Balor to close the Gate. Your quest will take you across the continent of Eridun into dark crypts, demon-infested wilds, and demonic rifts in the fabric of the world. It will be full of deadly traps, ambushes, and puzzles. The diabolic foes in your way will test your combat skills and newly found arcane powers. Will you become strong enough to put an end to Balor’s reign of terror? The fate of the world depends on you, Hunter.

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As game developers and hardcore players, we love playing a wide variety of games. Some of our favorites are "Diablo", "Shadow Complex", and "Castlevania". One day, we came up with the idea to make a game that will feature what we liked the most in those games. We called it "The Dark Heart of Balor". During early development, we experimented with different locomotion ideas, in-game items, magic abilities, and various gameplay mechanics. We tried not to overcomplicate the game and most importantly keep the fun of battles and enjoyment of world exploration. After the game’s prototype was made, we showcased it in several local events receiving encouraging feedback that assured us of the selected game style, its visuals, and overall game development direction.

Game Features

  • Distinctive Levels - each level is handcrafted and features a unique environmental design, variety of NPCs, and interesting usage of player’s skills and locomotion.
  • Upgrade System - as the game progresses, you will gain skill points that can be used to upgrade your character’s abilities, such as multiple offensive and defensive skills and magic.
  • Variety Of Game Mechanics - you can walk, jump, fly, dash, swim, and etc. You combine it all to solve puzzles, explore levels, and slay hordes of monsters!
  • Unique Weapons - you have at your disposal an assortment of arms, melee and magical, that you can use in several powerful combinations.


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If you need more or specific screenshots, graphics, concepts please do contact us!

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Game Artists started its roots in 2003 making games for mobile phones using our own game engine. At that time we released games "Master of Lines" and "Chess Conquest". Later we released "Chess Conquest" for modern phones on all major mobile platforms (iPhone, Google). Throughout the years we collaborated with other companies and studios bringing our expertise in game and software development. Besides gaming our company has an excessive expertise in lottery and fintech industries. Now we are fully focused on releasing our first major game for PC and Consoles.

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