Dev Update 5

I have not pushed much updates recently (almost a year, huh?), so here it comes!

I was working on Star Fortress and at the same time I was also helping another local studio here in South Florida to update their game The SoulKeeper VR. Also, about 6-8 months ago I have changed the direction of Star Fortress. It went from third person shooter to top-down ARPG. The main reason for such crazy switch was constantly increasing cost of having and maintaining online game servers. The whole cost (time and money) of necessary infrastructure became just too much to handle for a small team. It was hard… really hard to admit it that it is better to change the game concept to something more manageable, considering how much it was already done (the latest thing was integration of a voxel engine, absolutely awesome stuff! It totally changed the dynamics of the game). But, you know, it is better to figure that out at the beginning than get hit with that at the end. I have to admit, it was all my fault. I underestimated the server part, not from the programming point of view but from a management of it.

Anyway, long story short, I took some time to transfer the code into a new project. I was able to salvage most of old code, logic, and assets :). The new project still has a name “Star Fortress” and we really love it! Then my friends and I worked on a story and concepts. I made a brand new new inventory system, weapons, melee combat, main character locomotion, minimap, missions and objectives manager, etc. Each task on its own is big and technically very challenging. Right now there are no graphics assets to brag about as the main concentration is still technical aspects and proof of concepts. Here are the latest screenshots from our basic locomotion map:

Videos will come in the next dev update, hopefully not a year later 😉

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