Dev Update 2

All right! Update #2 is here!

It was a very busy week. Mostly it was all about visual FX:

  1. All new impact visual FX when a projectile hits its target. I significantly expanded a list of surface physical properties and integrated a new set of particle effects. It looks amazing!
  2. A new water material with FX when you walk over it.
  3. A new set of dynamic cross hairs per weapon.
  4. A sniper mode. There will be multiple sniper modes and visual FX depending on a type of a weapon and attached scope you have. Currently, it is all work in progress. Here is a test image of a full screen scope:

Everything seems to be working as expected in a multiplayer mode as well. In one of the next updates I will go over how I set up a build machine and how I achieved all automated builds and deployments to the server. I used to do a lot of manual work before, now it is all automated: just one click and it is all done šŸ™‚

Here is a video from a test map where I test the game mechanics:

There are also many more small updates, new stuff (hello, FABRIK!) here and there, so stay tuned for the next update!

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Thank you,

Dima and Game Artists team