Dev Update 1

Hi, there!

I will be posting in this blog the current progress of the game we are making.

So, let me fill you in what the game is about. It will be a 3rd person shooter in SciFi universe. Your objective is to defend your base and destroy enemy’s. There will be towers to defend and to destroy. Sounds like a classic MOBA, may be Epic’s Paragon, right? We have decided to spice it up and make something unique that we always wanted to have:

  • Fast paced character movements! (remember in Quake 3: Arena how fast you could move and rocket jump?)
  • You can shoot. Not like up to 10 feet from you; when you shoot, you will be able to shoot very far.
  • Maps are not symmetrical for each team. Maps will feature different environments and some procedurally generated places and content.
  • Each map’s layout will have parts of the environment that can be used in your tactical advantage.
  • There will be towers to capture. Yes! There are towers that you can capture!
  • We are not planning to make any character progression during the match. You will be able to join any team any time when a match is in-progress.
  • There will be also private matches and servers. (if all stars align, we can make it into e-sport arena!)
  • A wide variety of weapons. Some weapons you can pick up right at your base, but some, more advanced, you can find somewhere on the map in hidden places or crates and then go ahead, kill’em’all! Let your skillz shine!
  • There will be large maps with multiple bases. That will allow several teams to play at the same time on the same map.
  • We are planning to have one of the maps to fit comfortably as much as 100 players (50 vs 50). The smallest will be 5 vs 5.
  • The game will be multilingual and we are targeting PC/Mac/Linux and game consoles.
  • No crazy card systems, lengthy skill trees, pay to win schemes, etc. It is all about your shooting skills and tactics.
  • Battle Royale mode
  • There are many more other things and details I would like to mention here, but I will do that as we go.

The game is currently in early pre-alpha stage. There is no final name yet. Internally, we call it D1M1 Arena as a working project. So… we have a concept and a very large design document to follow (it took a while to make one!). Now, we are finalizing a general core tech and game mechanics, like: movements, animations, damage, weapons, pickup/drop items, projectiles, rockets, networking, servers, and etc. We have done a lot of “background” work to get to this point.

Here are some screenshots from the test map. I’m sure a lot of things will change as soon as a designer will start working on look and feel. Right now it is all about tech and core mechanics:

Videos will be posted in the following blog posts.


If you want to chat, please use Discord:

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Thank you,

Dima and Game Artists team