Dev Update 2

All right! Update #2 is here!

It was a very busy week. Mostly it was all about visual FX:

  1. All new impact visual FX when a projectile hits its target. I significantly expanded a list of surface physical properties and integrated a new set of particle effects. It looks amazing!
  2. A new water material with FX when you walk over it.
  3. A new set of dynamic...
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Dev Update 1

Hi, there!

I will be posting in this blog the current progress of the game we are making.

So, let me fill you in what the game is about. It will be a 3rd person shooter in SciFi universe. Your objective is to defend your base and destroy enemy’s. There will be towers to defend and to destroy. Sounds like a classic MOBA, may be Epic’s Paragon, righ...

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